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Description of Project

To create an entertaining project that focuses on student participation, e-twinning-based creative thinking, reading-writing enjoyable, by establishing interdisciplinary connections on corona days we have to in distance education creative thinking, reading, and writing; It is an educational program that aims to enable children who are eager to learn something new at any time, who are constantly thinking, feeling and establishing their lives by improving their language and thinking skills at the highest level. Our aim is not only to train writers but also to raise individuals who can think and express themselves in writing by using their creative power.


Definition and Goals

To be able to keep the book memorable by processing the bear without bear book interdisciplinary (Mathematics, Turkish, Science, Life Science, P4C)

With our project prepared over e-twinning, by ensuring effective use of Web2 tools within the scope of distance education, our students; It is aimed to help them learn how to think critically and creatively, to develop their problem solving skills, to expand their learning and communication skills, to gain the ability to express their thoughts and feelings, their designs in the most accurate and effective way, to be productive, to gain the ability to fiction.


Listens actively.

Understands what they listen to.

Relates, questions and justifies the events.

He listens to the opinions of his friends.

He knows it's not wrong to change his mind.

Explains his opinion.

Expected Results and Outcomes

Explain the qualities of being human.

Write narrative text.

Write informative text.

Explain the events that take place as a result of the movements of the Earth.

Examine the column chart, make comments and predictions on the chart.

Understand  the contribution of idioms and proverbs to the meaning of the text.

It puts itself in the shoes of other individuals with different characteristics.


Working Process:

February: Meeting events, preparation of the pages, poster and logo design, pre-surveys, project poster and logo selection. Webinars for students and teachers.

March: Creating the avatar of the story hero, voting by making it talk via web2 tool, content estimation, environmental pollution study with flash cards, creating a mind map by interpreting student, creating a news headline, doing creative writing work on different living areas, adding sign language to the book animation and sharing it with the hearing impaired class.

April: Reading the book, associating it with P4C, mathematics, social study lessons.

May: Creating alternative endings with creative writing, preparation of final survey, project products and virtual exhibition, preparing memorial notebook and e-book.

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