The World is More Valuable Project

The World is More Valuable

About Project

Information technologies have become an integral part of modern life. With the COVID-19 global pandemics, distance education has acquired a more central role in every walks of life. As we are separated away from our schools due to the pandemics, we would like to remind our students of the importance of our socio-cultural values as well as their core role in defining the individual. We aim to alleviate the inadequacies of both teachers and students in media literacies and the appropriate use of technology in this period of online learning conditions. We also aim at spreading the proper use of learning technologies. Bringing our students and teachers together, the main strands in our project are raising their awareness of media literacies, disinformation, and use of interactive online tools. Doing so, we would like to enhance collaboration for values education between teachers and students by using of online tools.


In line with the values education, our students;
* To adopt universal and human values at an early age,
* Gaining feelings of empathy, love, universality, tolerance, compassion and helping each other,
* To increase our students' communication skills and to socialize
* To encourage working in cooperation
* Improving media literacy skills
* To enable them to use technology in a useful way, to offer them the opportunity to discover their own skills
* Guiding students to be technology literate, active and participatory individuals


January: Announcement of the project, Finding partners process, Meetings. Promotion of web 2 tools to students and teachers.
Designing a logo for the project. Selection of the project poster and logo. Distribution of tasks.Determination of mixed teams. Mind mapping with Web 2.0 tools by choosing the value of the month
Month of March: Puzzle making using jigsawplanet from Web 2 tools with the values of the month.
Month of April: Coding of selected month's value with scratch jr program
Brainstorming using the mentimeter, writing stories with the formed word groups
May: Creating e-books with all partners participating in the project. Evaluation of the project


To ensure that students gain 21st century skills
To enable students to gain critical thinking and problem solving skills by learning and reinforcing their values.
Making values education fun
Students create games with scratch jr
Increasing communication and cooperation among students
To ensure that Web 2.0 tools are learned and used actively
Creating an e-book about values at the end of the project

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